Alcohol Education Program For Minors Administrator/Instructor Training Overview

The Alcohol Education Program for Minors Administrator/Instructor Training Program provides a comprehensive course of instruction to prepare administrators and instructors to plan, conduct, and evaluate an Alcohol Education Program for Minors Program. The content and activities of this training course incorporates the following elements:
  • Administrative procedures
  • Basic adult education learning principles information
  • Appropriate alcohol/drug traffic safety laws relating to minors
  • Curriculum content information
  • Curriculum guide knowledge testing
  • Teaching methods
  • Student teaching experiences
  • Student teaching evaluations
During the Alcohol Education Program for Minors Administrators/Instructors Training Program, considerable time and emphasis is placed on the proper method of instruction applicable to the various elements or areas covered in the curriculum guide. Instruction in methods is integrated with the curriculum content itself, and the instructor trainers discuss and demonstrate the proper techniques of instructing their respective material as it is taught. Each session of the Alcohol Education Program for Minors curriculum is devoted not only to content, but also to how it will be taught.

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) has contracted with Strides Youth Services, Inc. to provide Offender Education Instructor Training Services, including: registration, course delivery and examinations.